Freakclan, formally known as RenKen, consists of Techno DJ Kenny Dark
(Kenny Szarka) famous for the Masters of Art events in ancient
Guggelmann area in Roggwi, resident of the underground Freakclan Parties
and long-term guitarist René Ammon of the hardcore band Wounds left
Deeper, who has sucsessfully toured Europe. This is RenKen.
That’s how two friends of completely different music spheres came
together to make this electronic music project. They started their first
music production together in november 2011. At the end oft that year
they’ve debuted their new live set in a little club in Derendingen.
Following this they performed in clubs in Langenthal, Burgdorf and
Searching for new challenges RenKen concentrated on their live act and
producing their own. In their acts they use APC20, APC40 and the
Midicontroller UC-33, well known synthesizers like Korg MS-20 and Audio
Axiome 49 with DAW of Ableton. RenKen draw their influences from regular
Techno events in „Rohstofflager“ in Zürich at the end of the 90’s and
the well known Dj’s like Deetron, Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Jeff Mills,
Kaiserdisco, Rush, Namito, Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebush, Dee tree-9.
Their passion is to work with old school techno of the 90’s and create a
new sound. Now they have an established fan base and in February 2013
they released the track «Ontuku» which went at number one on the
Internet music plattform Myownmusic in the techno charts. The track up
to yet has 5000 downloads and has been in the top 100 of the techno
charts for several weeks.
In January 2013 followed a live set on Berner Kulturradio RaBe. Up to
yet RenKen have been playing in many clubs and underground parties for
instant the regular sold out downstairs parties in market hall in Berne
or underground parties of Freakclan.
Since Mai 2014 RenKen are under contract with the Swiss electronic label
„Leeloop Records“ and will bring out in October 2014 their first
release. RenKen is planning to play live performances in selected clubs
in foreign countries and to expand its fan base in the future. In Summer
of 2016, RenKen won the Young Talent Contest in the Sun, Moon and
star`s electronic Festival in Germany and playing Live Set for more
tausend People. It followed several small Shows in regional clubs of the
Bern. In April 2017 coming the next big performance at the We Love
Techno Festival in Bern. RenKen performt in the supporting program of
Sam Paganini and Dubfire yours live set. In August
2017 followed a radio show at the cultural radio LoRa at the
Streetparade Warmup 2017 in Zurich. In the same time RenKen released for
the first time on the Zurich label Stahlplatten Records another Realase
and was able to assert itself within a short time in the Top 10 label
charts on Beatport. As a result, RenKen has been able to steadily expand
its fan community with its live performances to this day.