SP75 Phoenix

Likuidvibe’s second release of 2021 ‘Phoenix’ is a fire induced synth driving track with particular hypnotic atmospheric elements that will most definitely gratify electronic music lovers around the globe

SP74 Above EP

Above EP presents itself with deep hypnotic synths and heavy beat driven lows, these tracks deliver both a listening pleasure and a steady floor drive.

SP73 Dark Glasses – RenKen

RenKen’s next Release ‘Dark Glasses’ will not only vibrate any mysterious glassware
but it will blow explosive sound in your ears.

The two ‘Berners’ continue to show development elements with Oldscool grooves from the 90s.

SP72 Unspoken Rythm – Canuso

Canuso debuts on Stahlplatten with Unspoken Rythm EP.
A journey of techno music that transcends protocols of the style.

SP71 Paradox – Edelstahl

What does the past, present, and future sound like?
Edelstahl demonstrates us in this EP how paradoxical time can be especially in Techno music.

SP70 Sensation EP – Edelstahl & Likuidvibe

‘Sensation EP’ presents two heavy groove house & techno infused tracks by a colaboration from Stahlplatten’s mexican producers Edelstahl and Likuidvibe.

SP69 Forward -Likuidvibe

Likuidvibe’s first EP of 2019 comes through with driving basses and thundering techno kicks. Rythm induced energy build ups and atmospheres in Langenthal and Phantom are the core of the EP. T909 is a bonus DeepHouse track on the EP produced with the classic TR-909 Machine Drum.

SP68 Neuro – Edelstahl

Debuting his 2019 Album on Stahlplatten.
A journey of underground to experimental techno made with analog gear and love.
Typical Edelstahl fat kicks, grooving basses and hypnotic