Fredy S.

Born in 1980 in Switzerland it took Fredy S. only four years to know
what his passion is. Nothing inspired him more than sitting next to
music speakers and listening to the vibes. The music of Jean-Michel
Jarre and Kraftwerk led him into electronic music and he started mixing
vinyls in 1992. Two years later Fredy S. got a resident contract at a
club in Winterthur (Switzerland) and performed at several parties all
over the country. And soon the bookings from abroad started to increase.
From the beginning Fredy S. knew what it means to delight the crowd
with rhythmic and pulsative beats – on three decks for sure. The crowd
went crazy. Due to his perfect technical skills Fredy S. soon got
bookings from all over the world. For example, he played at the Nature
One Festival in Germany, at the Latern Club in Bejing and several times
at Streetparade in Zurich. He frequently toured through Europe and Asia
and until today he performed on each continent, except the Antarctic.
Anyone who knows Fredy S. also knows that he will fill that gap one day.
However, he kept his feet on the ground. He loves the big parties
and festivals, just as he loves small, private parties, where he finds a
passionate crowd of like-minded people. A three hours set is what works
best for him, to come into one’s own. To furnish the dance floor with
what the crowd combines with techno music, this is his real passion. And
it is why he always did his own thing. Fredy S. fascinates his audience
with incorporating various styles and transforms underground sounds
into respectable music. He involves the audience, no matter what music
they’re actually listening to, and presents sounds not only for a
specific group, but for everyone.

But technical perfection is never good enough to Fredy S. He does
everything to keep on improving, to implementing different techniques,
to build in surprises and to acquire every possible and thinkable skill.
Fredy S. loves working with vinyls and dissociates himself from any
commercial sounds. He’s a real addictive and he could only be more
connected to his Hardgroove Techno, if he would have been born as a
Fredy S. was interviewed by many media including broadcast
companies. He made live performances for several radio stations and
enjoyed performing with other great artist as the mentioned Carl Cox,
Jeff Mills, DJ Rush, Adam Beyer and many more. Giving the crowd what it
wants, from one moment to another, the interaction with the audience,
these things are permanent sources of inspiration for him. This
inspiration also led him into promoting other artists and event
organizers and into producing and releasing music.
If you want to do him a favor, just let him perform for several
hours and on each day of his life. Because a life without DJing wouldn’t
be a life for him. Fredy S. still has enough energy to perform for many
decades and one day he would prefer to die on a stage. But until then,
the show goes on and on and on – best in 135 beats per minute.