Edelstahl – Techno with attitude
Passionate Carlos, aka Edelstahl, started to mix vinyls in 1996 and
bought his first sequencer two years later. In 2001 Carlos discovered
Techno and began to produce his first tracks influenced by the old
school guards of Techno like The Advent, Cari Lekebusch, Ben Simms etc.
In order to improve his productions skills, he quit being a DJ and
in the same year, Carlos debuted his very first live act under the name
Edelstahl and founded his own label Stahlplatten.
His style is very unique and after listening to his production
you’ll be surprised how diverse his tracks are which range from “Techno
of the old good days” to the harder Acid Techno.
Edelstahl got his residency in the famous Swiss Techno club,
Rohstofflager, and has also performed in many different clubs around
Switzerland, Germany and Sweden. In 2010 Rohstofflager shut down and
Carlos decided to take a two year break after the birth of his son.
After 18 years, with hundreds of releases, Edelstahl is a synonym
for high quality productions with attitude and passion, which in turn
has attracted highly respected artists/labels in Techno: Yin Yang,
Amazing Rec, Amigos Recordings, Sub Cult, Gastspiel Records,
Doppelgaenger, etc. are only a few of the scene’s best addresses Carlos
has worked with to date.
We are looking forward to promote this great act and bring more
steel Techno music to you. Stay tuned!!!